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What Is Badass Monkies

Badass Monkies™ (BAM) is an e-commerce urban apparel Charity fashion brand with strong philanthropic values. The fashion line represents these core beliefs, designed specifically for the street style, sports, active leisure, yoga, wellness, dance, entertainment,  fitness, and musical fanatics.
The products are designed to encourage and promote a bold, positive, trendy, and fashionable image for the social cause sector charities, NGOs, humanitarian, activists, volunteers, fundraising, and non-profit organizations.

25% of the profits from our brand sales across all product lines are committed on a quarterly basis towards the many qualified charity beneficiaries, and CSR initiatives working with BAM.
We’re committed to giving back at every level, shining a torch on global awareness of social issues, taking proactive steps to support and uplift worldwide communities through our brand.

How We Got Started

Badass Monkies was started in 2011 by Natasha and her daughter who relocated to Kuala Lumpur from London UK. Badass Monkies was the nickname given to Natasha when she arrived in Kuala Lumpur by her work colleague Chevita Silva who was so inspired by the persona and attitude of working with such an energetic character.
Just after a few months, of living in Asia, Natasha noticed the different levels of poor individuals and family’s living an underprivileged lifestyle on the streets and in the Kampung Villages.  Natasha's inspiration can from meeting 12 undocumented women living under a bridge in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur via a registered charity called Redeeming  Rose and decided to help support these ladies by providing dry food, toiletries, clothing, and organizing day trips.
After just six months word got around to the expatriate community and with financial support from Locals, Expats, International and regional corporate companies, Natasha began to create unique urban brand apparel and CSR initiatives that fulfill the Corporate Social Responsibility policy to empower the purpose of humanity.



From 2012 to the present day, Badass Monkies started working with many worldwide corporate businesses, brand ambassadors, Media, Founders, Associations, and Societies that wish to display and implement their personnel with the brand message and image, ranging from purchasing the merchandise, organizing fundraising entertainment events, donating foods, furniture or financial aid to registered charities via the BAM CSR program.

Mission Statement

We aim to be the Asian Pacific market leading one-stop platform for ethical fashion and philanthropy. We provide direct support and awareness to a wide range of community initiatives and social projects in the region, with a specific focus on the basic humanitarian needs of individuals and families. Our goal is to grow the brand to a position where the Badass Monkies logo is synonymous with helping and supporting others, therefore epitomizing the characteristics of a PHILANTHROPIST.

Value & Purpose Statement 

Our core value is to sell good merchandise at a reasonable profit, treat our customers like human beings, and contribute to worldwide community societies so they will always come back for more because there is power in UNITY without racial or stereotypical discrimination.

Who We Work With

Badass Monkies works with many Registered Charities, Corporate Companies, Relocation Companies, Airlines, Restaurants, Fitness & Wellness, Automotive, Clubs & Bars, Media Agencies, Churches, Legal Practitioners, International Schools, Property Developers, Event Organisers, Medical Practitioners, FMCG & Retails Clients.
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