What Is Badass Monkies

Badass Monkies is a charitable organisation with an International Philanthropic T-shirt merchandise brand worn for all Sports, Leisure, Yoga, Wellness, Clubbing & Fitness.
Profits made from the Badass Brand goes towards many CSR initiatives organised by BAM.

How We Got Started

Badass Monkies was started in 2011 by Natasha Francis & Family with British-Jamaican heritage who relocated to Kuala Lumpur from London UK.
Badass Monkies was the nickname given to Natasha when she arrived in Kl from her work colleague Chevita Silva after a party-hard night in Kuala Lumpur club district, where she managed to create a high energy atmospheric experience with all the party people shouting and singing.
After spending some time living in Asia, Natasha noticed the different levels of poor individuals and family’s living an underprivileged lifestyle on the streets and in their family homes, Natasha then decided to help support these families by providing dry foods, toiletries, furniture and some financial support for the poor to eat and care for their families by gaining support from local Asian Pacific & International corporate companies by delivering Corporate Social Responsibility projects to empower the purpose of humanity.
Since 2012, Badass Monkies started organising Fundraising Events, Company CSR Initiatives & Philanthropic Training as well as selling unwanted furniture items to support families in the Asia Pacific region.
In 2019, Badass Monkies had an encounter situation with the Prison Ministry and found a number of underprivileged individuals suffering in Detention centres and Jail walls. This launched the PEOPLE IN PRISON PROJECT which helps support individuals lost in the prison system by providing FREE LEGAL REPRESENTATION, PAYING FOR COURT FEES & DEPORTATION COST for foreign convicts stuck in Malaysia.

Mission Statement

Badass Monkies is a charitable support organisation which focus on the basic humanitarian needs of individuals and families. We provide dry foods, toiletries, furniture and some financial support for those in crisis circumstances. To be a Badass Monkies is to instinctively believe in helping and supporting others by wearing or displaying our logo means you are a PHILANTHROPIST.

Who We Work With

Badass Monkies works with many Registered Charities, Corporate Companies, Relocation Companies, Airlines, Restaurants, Fitness & Wellness, Automotive, Clubs & Bars, Media Agencies, Churches, Legal Practitioners, International Schools, Property Developers, Event Organisers, Medical Practitioners, FMCG & Retails Clients.
(Please be informed that Badass Monkies logo has been trademarked. ANY use of the logo without any prior notice/permission from our organisation or reproduction of identical/similar logo shall result in trademark infringement, hence any/all individual/organization can and will be prosecuted accordingly)
– Under the law of Intellectual Property Corporation Malaysia –