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    • How to Wash and Care for Your BAM Silk Screen Printed Cotton T-Shirt

      • Turn the t-shirt inside out when washing and drying.
      • By turning the garment inside out, the printed ink rubs against less material when tumbling in the washer or dryer. This simple step can really elongate the life of a printed t-shirt.
      • Use low temperature or cold wash settings. It would also be a good idea to separate darks and colored shirts from whites–just in case!
      • Use a mild laundry detergent.
      • Tumble dry on low or go the old fashioned-route and hang it to dry.
    • Items are checked and sent in good condition with packaging. Microfiber merchandise are guaranteed to not shrink or fade.
      Cotton T-Shirts can last longer with proper wash care as per instructions. 

      Please get in touch with us for any defect for exchange or refund within 7 days after delivery. Shipping for exchange is covered by buyer.

      Refund will be processed within 14 working days AFTER we receive the defected items.

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