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In 2011, BAM held their first fundraising event to support these woman with basic living necessities supported by the local expatriate community, this launched the concept of the BADASS brand movement.


Badass Monkies™ brand is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company was established in 2011 as a passion project by the founder Natasha Francis and the co-founder, her daughter Keyani Reuben. As expatriates from South London, with Jamaican heritage, living in the luxuries of sun-kissed South East Asia, the duo were driven by a strong empathic need to help a group of refugee women who were living under a bridge near Kuala Lumpur city centre.

Badass Monkies™ (BAM) is an e-commerce Lifestyle Charity Fashion brand with strong philanthropic values. The name Badass Monkies™ is inherited from the founders’ personas and nickname; a mother-daughter collaboration drawing on cross generational and cross-cultural experience and exuberance.

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The brand is designed to appeal to empathic personalities who are passionate about actively supporting registered charities, social projects, and CSR initiatives. Empathic personalities communicate their core beliefs through apparel.


The fashion line represents these core beliefs, designed specifically for street style, sports, active leisure, yoga, wellness, dance, entertainment, fitness, and musical fanatics. The products are designed to encourage and promote a bold, positive, trendy, and
fashionable image for the social cause sector charities, NGOs, humanitarian, activists, volunteers, fundraising, and non-profit organizations.


At Badass Monkies, our mission is to become the top one-stop shop for ethical fashion and philanthropy in Asia. We are dedicated to lending a helping hand to a diverse range of community initiatives and social projects in the region, focusing on providing assistance for the fundamental needs of individuals and families. Our ultimate objective is to make the Badass Monkies logo a symbol of helping and supporting others, making it an emblem of philanthropy.


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At the core of our values, we aim to provide quality goods at competitive prices, show respect for our customers, and give back to the global community - believing that together, we can create a better tomorrow without prejudice. We hope that our efforts will ensure customers keep returning!


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Badass Monkies™ (BAM) success will be spearheaded by Natasha Francis, the Founder. She exemplifies the true spirit of Badass Monkies, with her bold and unapologetic character, coupled with high energy, performance-driven leadership, and strong work ethic.  With over 20 years of commercial experience in several industries, Natasha is events and media professional, with a big heart for doing good in the community, especially for the disadvantaged. Her work at the Daily Mail Group in London in 2010 gave her the opportunity to work on exhibitions and events all over South East Asia, which led Natasha and her family to Kuala Lumpur, where she eventually settled and launched BAM. Natasha has a proven track record of successful business launches, and brand and franchise management, along with rich resources and a strong network she has built up over the years. She is a true humanitarian and has always been passionate about projects to inspire individuals and groups to create a more functional society. She strongly believes in establishing and maintaining genuine and long-lasting relationships with charity partners, colleagues, donors, and business partners; to build better communities through philanthropy. She is excited and committed to building BAM into an internationally recognized brand. Natasha brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from having done media sales, advertising, marketing, public relations and branding, event management, exhibitions, business development, and publishing with many international companies such as Superbrands Awards, Red Money-Media, Trinity Media Group, Ethnic Media Group, Haymarket Media and Pride Magazine, just to name a few. 

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Keyani is the co-founder and Operations Director at BAM. She is one of the key components in providing the overview of the business and also heads the creativity and design of the apparel and brand. A young and vibrant entrepreneur, extremely ambitious, with an active sport and a coaching lifestyle.  Her love for music, combined with a passion for teaching and supporting the underprivileged, including those with disabilities, is what makes her a perfect part of the foundation of the BAM team. With a perfectionist personality, which is proven in her coaching and community work, the bubbly, forward-thinking, and observant, (part-time DJ) also has a very influential social media network, that has proven vital to BAM over the years. Keyani has successfully obtained various outstanding certifications within the sports and community industry such as a BTEC Sports Diploma, Sports Leadership, Disability Sports Coach, Crystal Palace Football Academy, David Beckham Academy, Gold Sounds DJ Academy, Emergency First Aid at Work, Australia Sports Play Community Coaching, Ready Steady Go franchise, Nappi UK, Approach to positive behaviour Support courses including Care Skills Academy to touch on a few.




A highly motivated business minded individual with a focus on marketing strategy, customer engagement, content creation and brand development with an MBA - Digital Marketing, Cumbria University, UK 2022. With over 10 years’ international experience in the private sector in Malaysia, Middle East, and China, I’m experienced in developing creative marketing solutions to improve business outcomes. A trained copywriter with a passion for data and tech innovation, and a natural leader with effective cross-functional and interpersonal skills and international team development experience.



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