Badass Monkies™ (BAM) is an e-commerce urban apparel Charity fashion brand with strong philanthropic values.

The name Badass Monkies™ is inherited from the founders’ personas and nicknames; a mother-daughter collaboration drawing on the cross-generational and cross-cultural experience and exuberance.

  • It personifies someone who believes strongly in an empathic action to support the underprivileged wherever they are based.

  •  Monkies represent the worldwide family of individuals and companies converging with one love to help improve humanity. The red, yellow, and green strap is made up of ethnic African colors representing peace, love, and unity.

  •  The brand logo endorses a person of good company, good character, and a willing nature to help and support others.

  • Our brand, our company, our message, and our movement are all centered on the idea of making our

Mark of Philanthropy.


The brand is designed to appeal to empathic personalities who are passionate about actively supporting registered charities, social projects, and CSR initiatives. Empathic personalities communicate their core beliefs through apparel. Apparel that says,

“This is who I am. This is what I believe in. This is a way in which I contribute to society to make the world a better place.”